Walking My Talk: The Difference Between Believing & Having Faith

The busy season is in full swing in the Florida Keys, with the excitement of spring just peeking around the corner.  At the time I sit down to write this article, however, it’s nearing the end of January and I’m still up North watching the river freeze, thaw and repeat, with this crazy weather we’ve been having. Staying up North really wasn’t the plan—I was “supposed” to be in the middle of my snowbird migration, settled in Key West, enjoying the sun and surroundings of my most “magical place on earth”, along with the people who have become extended family for me there.

Now, if you’ve followed my articles here from the start, you’d know the mindset I carry for trusting the process of how my life unfolds, but it seems I’ve been more than tested these days.  Suitcase full and only a day before I was set to embark on another adventure in my Southernmost home, I had to call the whole thing off to care for a very special furry family member—which was absolutely no question for me. Since then, a whole host of changes have been set in motion, and although I know I’ll return to the Keys, right now, I’m forced to live in the unknown and, as a result, really practice walking my talk when it comes to this “trusting the process of life” thing. And, let me tell you, just because I know I’m exactly where I’m meant to be at the moment, doesn’t mean it’s easy to understand.

It’s a very strange place to be when you begin to observe things happening outside of yourself.  Standing in the background watching conversations and situations happen at home that I was never “supposed” to be around for, and missing out on all of the events taking place in Key West that I had fully anticipated participating in.  I can tell you, in the beginning, this was almost like an out of body experience—just wondering where your place in life is.

One thing I know, and have written about before during my travels, is that paradise really does come from within.  You take yourself wherever you go, so it’s not all about your surroundings when it comes to your own perspective on life.  You can be in the most beautiful of places, and still feel sad, lost, or lonely.  It is up to you to make your magic wherever you may be.  Surely paradise can be found in sub-zero temps and snow then, right?

The biggest lesson I’ve been learning while living in the great question mark of life, is that there is an absolute difference between believing and having faith.  I believe everything happens for a reason, but sitting still in that space and accepting that it is for my highest good, are two entirely different things.  Believing something is the “talking”, and having faith in that idea is the actual “walking”.  And, how ironic is it that having faith in something often forces you to sit still and not walk at all?!  Patience is powerful, but there’s no doubt it’s a practice.

Patience is powerful, but there’s no doubt it’s a practice.

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), along with my own term, FOMU (Fear of Messing Up), have reared their ugly heads into my thoughts on more than one occasion, and I have consciously had to take those fears and put them out with the trash.  Amidst these fears, I also get excited about forward movement and new possibilities that have shown up as a result of my staying here at home.  Everything is a dichotomy.  Wrapping your head around the duality of life can take serious work some days.

For now, I live in the great wide-open space of “what’s next?”  Really having to walk my talk when it comes to having faith in some of my biggest beliefs—not simply knowing that “a delay is not a denial” and that “there are no mistakes”, but really feeling that they are truths and fully trusting the process by letting things unfold as they may in this moment. The trick is staying at peace with what is, while still actively moving forward with the situation at hand.  The best I can do is get excited about what waits for me in this portal of possibility.

And, who knows? By the time this article is published, maybe I’ll have made my way back to the city where the sidewalk ends for another adventure. But, regardless of when I do, I know it will be at just the right time and under just the right circumstances…and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be there to join me for a sunset and a cocktail or two.

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