This is Me!

Teacher, writer, marketer, event planner, passionate creative mind. These are just a few of the many hats that I wear (and you’ll see that I do LOVE hats!) as I traverse my way through paradise, one trip around the sun after another. Daughter, sister, auntie, friend, fur mom, encourager, open-hearted soul. That’s just who I am all of the time, beyond anything that supports my lifestyle. Living the “best of both worlds“, I call Southern Ontario home, but have a special soul connection with the island life and a great love for the Southernmost Point of the US–Key West, Florida.

My love for the water started at an early age, splashing in Lake St. Clair–the “Heart of the Great Lakes” and international boundary between the United States (Michigan) and Canada (Ontario).  In fact, I’m such a border girl that I literally stare at Michigan all day from my living room while the St. Clair River divides us, reminding me that we’re so close, yet, oh, so far.

My love for the islands and beach life started at a much later age, when I took a trip to Longboat Key, Florida with my university girlfriends and on my first ever flight to Jamaica when I graduated from Teacher’s College.  That love for all things tropical was always a part of me though.  Because I could feel the pull to those palm trees and the salty ocean air long before I ever made it there.

My love for Key West, well that’s just its own magical story.

If I’m not on, in, or by the water via the beach, dock or boat, you’ll find my nose stuck in the computer checking flights, working on a creative project, or conjuring up some new creative project. I love exploring (#heretherewithin), can’t get enough of the ocean life (aka “mermaid obsessed!”), and, when the season’s right, I’m soaking up the sun and riding the waves on my “Sweetwater Sea” here in the North.

I hope this space inspires you in some way to find your own path and create your own paradise–to recognize your perspective is your only paradise, wherever you may go. Our journey here isn’t always sunshine and palm trees, but it sure helps to have a warm disposition and a great group of “travel buddies” cheering you on.  Thanks to all of you for connecting with me along the way, following my travels near or far, and simply taking this trip called life with me.  I travel lighter because of you.

~ Sherri DeWolf

Where the sidewalk ends!  Mile Marker Zero, Key West, Florida.