Everything is Right On (Island) Time

Have you ever wondered why it took you so long to do something you love?  What about overcoming a fear and finding out you really had nothing to worry about?  Why you put off that trip that’s been on your bucket list for as long as you can remember?  To finally meet someone special?  It seems it takes us forever to build up the confidence, find the time, or simply be ready to move forward towards our passions and in realizing our dreams.

Lately, I’ve had a lot of lessons in, what I like to call, divine timing.  And it really is only in hindsight that you can see how you’ve been lead to where you’re meant to be at just the right moment in time.  For those of you who have been following my journey—from the first SOULo trip I took to Key West (after some five years of internal dialogue nudging me to return!), to the very space in time as I write this article, officially snowbirding in my soul place (yes, I’m back again!)—you know how long it’s taken me to get here…in mind and body!

Through a series of visits that have grown progressively longer—from three nights to five, one month to two, and now four glorious months of migration—I can honestly look back and see that I am right on time.  That I couldn’t have arrived here any sooner to be as fully prepared as I am in this moment.  Each visit brought with it more confidence, more magical people and more experiences that have allowed me to make some major decisions, break from the routine of my life up north, and live out this dream that has been tugging at my heart for so long.  So many things have aligned for me to be here…now.

Enjoying some down time at the Casa Marina Hotel

I often wonder why I was so scared (I actually forfeited a ticket once because I just didn’t feel ready to make the trip on my own) and if had I just worked through those fears sooner, that perhaps I wouldn’t have wasted so much time and missed out on the opportunities that have presented themselves to me here in the Keys…but, my soul knows better.  Good things take time, and although we are never fully ready for anything, each previous experience I had here when I did decide to start making the trips, has connected me to the right people and circumstances to be having the experience I am living in now.

This go around I am experiencing Key West even more like a local—renting a room in an old Conch home instead of a fancy vacation rental, furnishing it myself (with the help of Amazon Prime, as well as some generous offerings from my island family), working even more from my computer to afford it (and missing some of the sunshine because of it), but I still feel so very grateful for it all.  I have people here that I am learning from every day, friends who offer rides for me to get groceries, and even those that bring me Cuban chicken soup when I’m sick (yes, those germs make their way down here in the winter too!)—all of whom have played an important part from my previous visits. Every day is not all sunshine and palm trees, but I just know this is not a time in my life that I will ever regret, and I’m proud of myself for pushing outside of my comfort zones and taking this “leap of presence” to get here.

Overall, I think I’ve learned to pay close attention to the callings of my soul and act, with reflection, a little sooner on the thoughts of my still small voice—it’s much like a lighthouse guiding you along your course.  I also know, that those nudges from the Universe that never seem to go away are there for a reason, and won’t likely be leaving anytime soon until you act upon them.  And, with all of that, comes a deeper understanding and faith that when I do make those steps forward, whether it takes me two months or two years to begin, I’m right on time and exactly where I’m meant to be.

So, if there are things in your life that are taking a bit of time to manifest, breathe, relax, let go.  Know that what is meant for you cannot pass you by and that you are right where you’re supposed to be.  You may take the long way ‘round on your travels, but you’ll still arrive at your desired destination right on time—and likely with more of the provisions you needed to settle into your new surroundings because of it.


Everyone knows that things take a little longer in paradise, so embrace your journey—even when it is unfolding on “island” time.

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