Angels Among Us: My Undercover Travel Guides

Have you ever met an angel in your everyday life? My eyes and heart are always open to the little miracles that present themselves even on the simplest of days, but the messengers that “show up” when I’m traveling never cease to amaze me.

Some people may like to refer to chance meetings as coincidence, but if you know me, I just don’t believe anything is that random. Synchronicity is my thing and when you think about all of the circumstances that have to line up for a person to show up in your life at the “right place” and the “right time”, well that’s pure magic—a reminder that there is a greater force in the universe that is guiding you along, if only you’ll pay attention to the signs. For me, these signs often arrive in the shape of a human (wings undercover) to share a word of encouragement, meaningful story, or even begin a new friendship with, while I’m traveling.

December marked the one year anniversary of my long awaited return to Key West and my very first ever, SOULo vacation. Yes, I finally took the plunge to get back to the place my soul was calling me for nearly five years, and yes, I did it alone. Or did I? That’s where the magic happened.

Shortly after I stepped on the Key West Express out of Fort Myers Beach, I met a family from Michigan whom I connected so well with that we spent the entire four hour ride down the Gulf of Mexico sharing the commonalities we had about our philosophies on life and spiritual growth (this trip being one of those opportunities for me). It didn’t take much time into the conversation for me to understand that these were some people that were “planted” on my path for a reason. By the time we arrived in port, we had exchanged numbers and I spent my first night in Key West having a ball exploring the night life with them—an aspect of the trip that, before I had left, I was unsure I would even partake in considering I was going it alone.

Mark, from Michigan, and I talking Funky Buddhas and great music at Irish Kevin’s.

The next three days of my short “water-testing” SOULo trip were just as magical when I set intentions for the universe to gather up enough people to run the dolphin watch I had currently been the only person signed up for, and that, even if I was pushing it, sending me a kayak partner for the eco tour I was taking the next day would be great too! Well, the universe delivered more than a few angels upon that request when a couple booked the dolphin watch only hours before we were set to leave the dock and when waiting to board the eco tour I sat next to the only couple that had their local son playing tour guide for them and whom would be needing a paddle buddy too.

I’m sure you know by now, I couldn’t possibly leave Key West without another close encounter of the “angelic” kind. As I lined up to take the ferry back to Fort Myers I stepped into line behind Amy. A local girl, wise beyond her years, when, after being separated upon boarding a boat filled to capacity, still “somehow” ended up in the seat next to me. When she pulled her “Little Mermaid” sunglass case out of her bag I knew we were a match. By the end of that ride, another new friendship had formed and Amy had her awaiting family graciously escort me to my hotel so I wouldn’t have to take a cab. They say that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime—but what we can’t forget is that they all serve a purpose no matter how long they are in our company.

Amy and I on Geiger Key on a trip following our meeting on the Key West Express.

These “travel angels” that I encountered on my first SOULo trip to Key West may not have recognized the role they played in validating and rewarding me on a decision that took me nearly five years to prepare myself for, but I paid close attention to the stories they shared and the generosity they showed me. I have returned twice in the last year since this trip and the angels just keep coming! I have kept and made many more incredible connections with people that the universe has certainly conspired for me to meet.

Whether you’re traveling miles from home or just to the grocery store, there are messages and messengers for you everywhere. Open your hearts and your minds to receiving them. Who have your messengers been? Who are the angels who’ve appeared as you’ve traveled through life? What have they taught you or helped you through? And most importantly, don’t forget to stop and thank them, even if it’s only done quietly in your heart. They’ll get the message—because there is no doubt that you, yourself, are one of those angels in someone else’s journey too.

A treasure I returned home with–my Key West shell angel Christmas ornament.


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